Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Feeling our Way

On August 14th we participated in the Helping Hands Project here in Richards Bay. We sorted clothing into sizes and kinds (shirts, pants, shoes, etc.). It had all been stuffed in a huge metal shipping container and was just a heap of clothing. No one could use anything because there was no order to it. We spent about three hours and what a difference we made. We had a good turn-out with some members, investigators and the missionaries. We then went to the chapel where we all cleaned and then had lunch together.
Arriving at project site
The sorting begins . . .

Making progress

Project completed

The Richards Bay Crew
Sunday, August 29, 2010

It was a wonderful day today. It actually started yesterday morning when we received a call from Elder Peterson, the Mission Employment Specialist. He indicated that he had a package for us and that he would be at the Richards Bay chapel for another hour. I went over and picked it up along with some mail for Elders Shumway, Meistre, and Ndhlovu. I called Elders Shumway and Brinkman to make arrangements to get the mail to them and they indicated that they could meet us a about 1:00. We decided that we would go to Durnford Branch to church and meet Elders Meistre and Ndhlovu in Nseleni and follow them to the Durnford.; we called and made the arrangments. We met Elders Shumway and Brinkman and gave them the mail and asked if there was anything that we could help them with. Elder Brinkman asked if would go to an appointment on Sunday at 5:30 to a family they were teaching that needed a boost and we were of course excited to do so.

Sunday morning we got up extra early and left for Nseleni and met the two sets of missionaries at that boarding. I gave them their mail and then we followed them out to Esikhawini where we attended a PEC meeting at the Esikhawini Branch and then followed Elders Lwanga and Ndhlovu out to the Durnford Branch out through country you wouldn’t believe - dirt roads and pot holes the likes that you have never seen. We arrived at a very humble wooden building on a members property. What a spiritual feast the meeting was. They asked Sister Nuzman and I to speak. It is a 2 hour block so we had a combined priesthood/relief society taught by Elder Lwanga. The people are so humble and loving. We left having been spiritually filled and charged. Then we went home on a “paved” road with pot holes even worse than the road we came in on but it was worth every bump.

When we got home our dinner was about ready as it had been cooking in the crockpot. It was a good dinner and after it was all cleaned up we read and worked on the computer a little. We went over to Elders Brinkman and Shumways at 5:15 and then followed them over to the Muses (sp) family and they were all there except the father. There is the mother, terminally ill Granny, two sons, daughter and a young neighbor boy. Oh the spirit was there in abundance! We had a wonderful discussion on prayer and everyone participated and the mother and Granny, who has throat cancer and has a trach., bore testimony of prayer and expressed their gratitude for the Elders finding them. The two sons offered the prayers and everyone read from the scriptures except Granny. We all bore testimony to the family and everyone shared what they were thankful for and Granny said that she wanted to go to Church next Sunday. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was, words are not adequate. When we left they all shook our hands and thanked us and Granny gave us a hug.

We took the Elders back to their boardings and they asked if we would like to go with them to an appointment with Prince and Freedom whom we had met the week before at the helping hands project in Richards Bay. They live in a settlement not far from where we live and the Elders drove. It was out off the road down through little shanties and it was getting dark. We arrived to a little 2- room stone hut where the two brothers live and there was an electric cord on the ground going off to I don’t know where. The main room was only about 9 x 9. It was so humble. We had very spiritual meeting with them. They are reading the Book of Mormon and they shared what they had read and Prince offered the opening prayer. We had taken our laptop and the Elders showed a video of the first vision. They both said they knew it was true. Prince bore his testimony as did each of us. Freedom is shyer. It was a banner day. This is what missionary work is all about and to see these humble people working hard at searching for the Gospel is so gratifying.

Saturday, September 4th
Beautiful children!
Sister Moloi with Elders Webster and Kaseke
On September 4th we were asked to speak at a fireside held in Ngwelezane at the town library in the afternoon. We left Richards Bay early but on the way our GPS stopped working. Elder Nuzman had felt impressed to find a map to take with us the night before. It wasn’t a very good map and we got totally lost. We had also forgotten our cell phone (a very big mistake) and so we couldn’t call the Elders to come and find us. But Heavenly Father didn’t let us down and we found our way. We were about 20 minutes late but when we got there the fireside hadn’t started and didn’t start for another hour. They just kind of wait until everyone shows up.
Ngwelezane Branch President Mngadi
Since our GPS has stopped working we have been finding our way with directions left by the Piers (former couple here) and google maps that Clyde has downloaded and pieced together. Luckily we have been to some of the places before so we know the general direction.
New friends in Port Durnford
Port Durnford Chapel
One type of home in Port Durnford
Young boys who fill the potholes with dirt
We pay them for their valuable service.

On the road to Esikhaweni and the sugar cane fields

Houses on the way to Ngwelezane
It is transfer week so we will have to say goodbye to some of our Elders and welcome the new ones. Elder Brinkman is going home. We anticipate that every companionship will be affected by this transfer. These Elders are our heroes!

 Our Elders
front row (left to right) Mutuku, Brinkman, Ndhlovu, and Meistre
top row Ssesanga, Kaseke, Bentley, Lwanga, Shumway and Webster


  1. It is very touching and humbling to read these reports and to see the pictures. Thank you for taking the time to let us all share your experiences! It would surely be impossible for anyone to read these things and not have his/her testimony strengthened. It's wonderful to see the work moving forward in that corner of the world. I wonder how soon it will be when this can be happening EVERYWHERE! These pictures clearly show the love you already feel for the people you are serving. In their faces it appears that it is reciprocated! I also think when people recognize, accept and embrace the truthfulness of the gospel, a happiness emanates from them that seems to supercede the difficulty of their personal circumstances. That's a marvelous lesson for each of us. I need to remember to be more grateful and cut back on the bellyaching! :) Love to you both! JF

  2. I love reading about your experiences. What a great blessing to them as you serve in South Africa. I can read your happiness too. So glad you were able to see your new baby granddaughter too. I am thankful that you have the Internet now and that we are able to share in the spirit you are sharing. Sending love and thoughts your way.

  3. Hi!!!! I am so happy you have a blog! I am enjoying reading what your doing, and loving the pictures! Technology is great - when it works!
    I love you guys! Keep up the good work!

  4. They are sure keeping you busy! I am sure you wouldn't have it any other way! Happy to share your experiences with you. We all gather around to see the pictures. Keep up the good work. Love you Uncle Clyde and Aunt Yvonne!!

  5. Dear Clyde & Yvonne!
    We are so very happy for you. Giving is truly the way to fuller happiness, right? Your giving is obviously blessing your lives and the lives of those folks there in So. Africa. What are the statistics of activity after baptisms? Is there much Church Welfare distributed to the members?
    Do keep up the WONDERFUL work.
    Love from Glen & Bonnie Dolberg