Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Mission Call

April 7, 2010

April 7th was a big  day for us that really started on January 1st when we started the mission application process.  It took several months to fill out all the papers, get physicals, lots of shots, interviews, etc..  The day finally came on April 7th when I went anxiously out to check the mail and the mailman yelled, "I think there is a mission call in there for you."  Our children all wanted to be a part of us opening the call, so we had a conference call all set up.  We called Jennifer and Nicole, they called the others.  We waited until everyone was on the line and then finally we opened it and read, South Africa Durban Mission.  We were speechless.  We were to report to the MTC on August 2nd and fly out to South Africa on August 9th.  Then the fun began, passports to renew, more and more shots, background checks to be started through the FBI for the South African government before we could apply for our visas, more shots, mental evaluations (we had to pay bribe $ under the table to pass that one).  We have been busy these last 3 months, jumping through all the hoops.  We are now down to the last 5 days and we are getting to the end of our lists.

We finished our assignment at the Ogden Temple the end of May. It was hard to leave. We loved our work there and the people we worked with were wonderful. We will miss them. 

The first week in June we went on a week long Alaskan cruise, the next week we drove our motor home to Washington State to attend services for a cousin who had passed away and to visit family.  Then after just a few days home we were off to visit our daughter, Natalie, and her family in Alabama. After that, it was back home to finally get serious about getting everything ready to leave. 

July 18th we had to speak in sacrament meeting and had many family and loved ones there to support us. 

On the 20th we went to Jennifer and Dave's in Meridian, Idaho for the family reunion which they hosted. We enjoyed 5 of our children and their families for 4 days.  Natalie, Mike, Juliana and expected baby were not able to come out. Janelle was not able to attend either. Amy had training.  They were all missed. Now, here we are just 5 days to tie up all the loose ends.  Our next installment will be written from South Africa.     


  1. Love the blog. I will enjoy keeping up with you on your mission. Love the pictures of your family. Can't wait to see South Africa through your eyes. Be safe and know that you are in my prayers. Love you dear friend.

  2. We are so very excited for you and your mission call. We will look forward to keeping up with your adventures! Bonnie Dolberg

  3. Wow! Your description of the preparations makes them seem quite daunting! Nevertheless, we look forward to the time when we can follow your GREAT example. Congratulations & the Lord's best blessings to you always. Glen Dolberg